Concrete Floor Polishing,simply put is a process whereby we transform the concrete floor (building material) into a final finish.  We refabricate the surface of the concrete into a final finish.  The concrete becomes harder, denser, dustproof, reflective, and super easy to clean.

This process of refabricating the surface of the concrete into a final finish has some similarities to the process of taking rocks such as marble or granite and transforming these natural materials into a final finish (counter tops, flooring materials, etc).



Polyurethane grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings are optimally formulated to stop leaks, stabilize soils and protect concrete structures. While producing these infrastructure repair solutions is a science, applying them is an art. Choosing the appropriate product and using the correct application technique are equally important in achieving desired results.

Dynamite Contractors Ltd. and Prime Resins have over 30 years experience helping customers with these decisions.


Dynamite Contractors has extensive experience in the area of Concrete Surface Preparation.   This can include both the stripping of the floor coverings and the removal of the residual adhesives, coatings, etc. as noted below.

  • Removal of floor coverings & adhesives
  • VAT removal
  • VCT removal
  • Tile removal
  • Carpet removal
  • Carpet adhesive removal
  • Black mastic removal
  • Thinset removal
  • Epoxy & paint removal
  • Removal of underlayments & overlayments

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